Personal Portifolio

Personal Projects

judge-dredd_high_facetumb judge-dredd_hightumb Judge_Dredd_LowPoly_tumb Judge_dredd_beautyshotfinal_tumb texturing_zbrush3_tumb test-physical-sky_comp_tumb Mental-SSSTEST_tumb werewolf_fullbody_tumb werewolf_face_tumb truck_tumb

3D Sketchbook

plane_guy_tumb plane_guy_gif kingkong_sculpture_tumb king_sketch[1] body_man_tumb quick sketch smile_process_tumb old_guy_tumb

Drawings and sketchs

dwarf_concept_tumb dwarf_quicksketch_tumb dwarf_quicksketch-02_tumb elf_sketch_tumb ET_concept_tumb studies_cartoon01_tumb sketchbook3_tumb sketchbook2_tumb sketchbook1_tumb balogs-concept_tumb sketchbook4_tumb sketchbook5_tumb sketchbook6_tumb


Coming soon!


5 thoughts on “Personal Portifolio

  1. Excelente Rafael! Profissionais assim são difícieis de encontrar!!!

  2. Nick Carrera says:

    you are a truly amazing artist. I’m just now getting my foot into 3d modeling and have been inspired by your site. I hope one day I can be as good as you. thanks

  3. Chantinon says:

    Seu trabalho é verdadeiramente incrível!
    Os detalhes da anatomia e as cores, fantástico! Parabéns!

  4. rubiescorner says:

    Your work is good, and detailed.

  5. Boyang Zhu says:

    Great work!

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