Dwarf Tutorial

Hi Guys here a video showing my process to make this character. I hope you like it.



One more sketch did for the RPGCON .
Video showing the process coming soon!


It’s a quick sketch (1 hour and a half)  for a lecture i did in a University here in Brasil.
The subject was “Zbrush and character development ”

Zbrush Inorganic Class

It`s a model i did for my zbrush class.
I did this to teach planar brushes and projection master.


A new model i did in my class.
I hope you like it.


OBS:Matcap from Erklaerbar

Comics Fest_model

Hi everyone, here a sketch that i did during the Comics fest event here in Brazil. To promote my class.
More information about my classes soon!!

I Hope you like it!!!

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